Sunday, May 25, 2014

At 24wks + 5d POA

Pregnancy skrg dah 24wks 5days..overall xde apa problem sgt kot. Perut pun dah makin membesar, letih mengangkut badan yang semakin memberat ni..hehe. Kena angkut si kecik Ariana lagi. Tapi puas hati kalau jaga sendiri anak2 kita ni rather than harapkan maid. Maid blh buat keje2 lain..kemas rumah, bsh baju, iron baju, masak, mmg bg kat maid je. Kita pantau ler kan. 

Actually the only issue during this pregnancy is the low lying placenta. For now laa. Hopefully by times placenta akan naik and will be normal after that. Amiinnn.. That is why I tried to avoid doing excessive workloads as much as i can. Sbb within this 2 months je da 3 episodes of PV spotting (berdarah kat jalan lahir). So kena rest banyak ni..hehe

Ok, untuk sesiapa yang kurang pasti apa itu low lying placenta, it's good to read and gain some knowledges about it. Utk secara ringkasnya, blh baca from this website:

Phew! While writing this entry, i had another episode of pv spotting. Erk..i've discussed with my uncle (pakar o&g), he suggested for IM Dexa. dexa is painful. According to people laa..hmm but i do read that despite for lungs maturation for the baby, it also do help in stopping the bleeding. So, just take it je lah. It's ok..for my baby kan? Ok, chow dulu. Nak siap2 gi hospital amek dexa. Wish me the best ok? Mmuachs! ^.^



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