Saturday, August 9, 2014

35weeks ++ POA

It's already 35wks ++ POA and I'm now preparing myself for delivery. My placenta remains type 3 posterior and I was planned for caesarian section later at term gestation. Ok, next week i'm going to repeat my scan again, looking for my placenta if there any progress (for sure it wont go up till I allowed for SVD but at least type 2 maybe?? hehe). Then, choose a date for CS. I'll be operated by my uncle at Hospital Ampang.Good luck for me huh? So, packing up for new clothes, pampers, wet wipes, toiletries...hmm...what else? Oh, I need to buy some stuff which I may be needed to bring to hospital later.

Other than that, it's raya month. I started my raya in Tanjung Malim this year as the 2 years back we don't really get our chances for raya. 1st year of hari raya after I got married, I can't go anywhere because I was about to deliver during that time. So, I stayed in Putrajaya and my parents came by accompanied me. Second year after got married, raya at Muar but only one day only. Back to Muar malam raya then go back to Putrajaya to get back to work the next day...haih!

So this year a bit proper. Starting raya at Tanjung Malim, get up in the morning, salam-salam, maaf-maafan, makan-makan, then go raya a bit around Tg Malim before we went to Ampang visiting nenek's house. Then continued raya around Ampang a bit more before go back to Muar. My brother and family already there in Muar so we met there. The next day went to Singapore, raya raya some more then the next day back to Rompin. Eh? May be the day after..can't remember. But at least...having fun and packed raya this year. Meeting relatives which I think have not seeing them for about some times.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

At 24wks + 5d POA

Pregnancy skrg dah 24wks 5days..overall xde apa problem sgt kot. Perut pun dah makin membesar, letih mengangkut badan yang semakin memberat ni..hehe. Kena angkut si kecik Ariana lagi. Tapi puas hati kalau jaga sendiri anak2 kita ni rather than harapkan maid. Maid blh buat keje2 lain..kemas rumah, bsh baju, iron baju, masak, mmg bg kat maid je. Kita pantau ler kan. 

Actually the only issue during this pregnancy is the low lying placenta. For now laa. Hopefully by times placenta akan naik and will be normal after that. Amiinnn.. That is why I tried to avoid doing excessive workloads as much as i can. Sbb within this 2 months je da 3 episodes of PV spotting (berdarah kat jalan lahir). So kena rest banyak ni..hehe

Ok, untuk sesiapa yang kurang pasti apa itu low lying placenta, it's good to read and gain some knowledges about it. Utk secara ringkasnya, blh baca from this website:

Phew! While writing this entry, i had another episode of pv spotting. Erk..i've discussed with my uncle (pakar o&g), he suggested for IM Dexa. dexa is painful. According to people laa..hmm but i do read that despite for lungs maturation for the baby, it also do help in stopping the bleeding. So, just take it je lah. It's ok..for my baby kan? Ok, chow dulu. Nak siap2 gi hospital amek dexa. Wish me the best ok? Mmuachs! ^.^

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Is it the work to be blamed?

Some people might say how lucky i am to be a doctor or to be married to a doctor. Nope! This job suffered me a lot. Lack of time with my mother/father, lack of time with my daughter, lack of time with my husband and more lack of time with myself. All about work, work, and works. Sometimes i was wondering, is it the work to be blamed? Now it's 1 am in the morning. Ariana slept already and me all alone by myself (sorry for being sensitive's hormone to be blamed now..hehe). Good night everyone!

This is a part of me..

Ok, it's (again) being such a long time for me not blogging. A lot of thing had changed. I left Hospital Putrajaya, now working in Klinik Kesihatan Rompin, which currently entering 5th month of time. Even by 5 months i 'vechanged my place from KK to PKD Rompin, incharghing Unit Kesihatan Sekolah now. I would say, it's different thing from what i've been doing in hospital before, seeing school students, giving them education about health, determining any abnormalities and intervened, immunisation etc. It's a very new environment for me..may be sounds simple but for a newbie like me..lots of things need to be learned. InsyaAllah..will give me a brand new experience and also knowledges. Oh, 5 months in Rompin also meaning i'm now at 5 months of gestation..hehe. Good luck for me huh? ^.^

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kalau bengang

Org kata kalau ada yg berbuku di hati jgn disimpan, nnt blh sakit jiwa. Fine! Ni nk kuarkan segala yg bbuku di hati. Xpuas hati arini blk lmbt sbb org2 yg ptt dtg keje pagi ni kol 8 up till 8.30am xnmpk btg idung! Then nk pass over case bagi alasan like *^%#}{][!

Ey pls laa..aku ni smlm dh laa keje dlm kelaparan. Bz smpai ke pagi. Mata dh mcm anak beruang. Ngantuk gler. Anak kt rumah..hmm..miss her like crazy!! So, aku mmg ptt bengang rasanya!

It's ok..xlama kot bengang ni. InsyaAllah lepas abes type ni lega dh hati ni. Blh smbung blk keje ptg ni.. ;)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Super annoying..pfft!!

One hysteria patient brought in to ED today (well..i wonder where to refer..PSY ke ustaz ek?). Ok fine we called ustaz, done baca2 ayat quran then she awake. Once fully conscious we then allow her home. Suddenly she asked for mc. Ow ok..tak kesahlaa..i just give her one laa. Eh suddenly buat muka kerek, sehari je? Ohh..hello!! That mc is called surat sijil sakit. U xlayak pun utk mc bcoz u are not sakit. So i just reply..yup! Sehari jek. Pfft!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

31 August 2012 ~ Celebrating Ariana Farisha

Alhamdulillah Ariana telah slamat dilahirkan pada 31 Ogos 2012 yg lalu tepat pukul 12.13pm. Penantian yg penuh debar apabila baby ni yg dijangka keluar pada 21 Ogos 2012 tp sehingga dh 9 hr pun xtnda2 contraction. Sakit xde lgsg, cuma 2 hr b4 hr delivered tu ada laa bloody show (lendir darah) tu sket. Husband mmg dh buat posting o&g so ada r jugak buat VE. Wktu kua show tu bukaan br 2cm tp ms tu happy sket laa pasal at least ada progress kan? If not, kna admit for induction of labor which org2 kata lebih sakit lg.

So byk jugaklaa google2 cara2 nk cptkn kelahiran bby ni. Ada yg kata minum kopi, byk bjalan n mcm2 lah. So mn yg sy tmmpu tu sy buatlaa jugak. Contraction mmg xde sehinggalaa pagi2 buta hari ke-8 bby lebih hari tu (EDD plus 8) ada rs contraction. Start dlm pukul 12 lebih mlm, so sy ada laa jugak timing. Waktu tu contraction cuma sekali dlm 10 minit. Tp dlm pukul 5 pg, rs mkn kerap plak, ada laa dlm 2-3kali dlm 10 min, tp x sbpe kuat sgt la. Pegi hospital, bukaan dah 2 cm (ekcely dh tau awal2 dh..kt rmh da cek..haha) tp contraction kt ctg wktu tu rata2 2 in 10 and 20 secs. Dorg tye sy nk admit ke? N if nk induce pun boleh. Sy dgn cptnya menolak. Duk umah je lah, br 2cm pun..sure lama nk tggu klo kt admit.

Sebaik saja sampai rumah, contraction terus hilang. Saya siap smpat lg tuh keluar jalan2 ke bank dan alamanda. Hehe.

Then malam kol 12 tgh malam contraction dtg lg. Sama jugak cam night before. Irregular and weak. Tp, lebih kurang kol 3 lebih contraction makin kerap dan sakit yg amat. Dalam hati terfikir, kna pegi hospital ke? Ok, timing jap dlu. Emm..mengikut perkiraan sy, masih xperlu ke hospital lg kot. Ok rilek dulu. Tp mmg xleh tido r, sakit gler. Kol 5 camtuh br gerak husband bitau dia sakit xtahan la kan? N contraction regular waktu tuh. Dia pun VE lah, 3cm time tuh. Ada progress sket. Dia tye nk gi hospital ke? Sy tgk jam, br kol 5.30pg. Cmne ek? Br latent phase, lom nk brsalin lg. Ok tggu jap ah. Tp mmg xsng duduklah sakitnya, akhirnya husband kata jom je lah pegi hospital. Wktu tu kol 6 lebih dh. Siap2 nk pegi kol 6.30 jugaklaa br kua rmh.

Smpai hospital trz msk CAC. And after check still 3cm lg so msk wad dlu lah. Tp smpai je kat wad mmg contraction tersangatlah kerap dan kuat. Terus VE lagi then upenya dah 4cm. Apa lg..terus tolak gi L&D. Smpai L&D, br je baring, midwife kt c2 wat VE, dah 6cm. Ok2..tahan sakit lg. Time tu pegang tgn husband kuat2. Mata dia tgk kat ctg je. Bila contraction dtg, cpt2 dia bg Entonox.

Tak lama pastu, specialist pun smpai. Nmpk sy dah tak tertahan sakit agaknya, dia pun tanyalah, xnak epidural ke? Hmm..boleh jugak lah since dah sakit sgt ni..dalam hati mmg bc apa2 doa yg terlintas. Mulut cuma larat sebut Allah je. Mata pun pejam je lah. Tp, lepas doctor tu wat VE..dah 9cm..takpayahlaa epidural.

Time ni apa yg sy ingat, org duk kata kalo nk push boleh push. Sy dlm hati mmg nak buat sehabis baik. Mmg sy sgt berusaha. Tp disebabkan baby bradycardia, terpaksalaa vacuum. Itu pun dgr jugak org2 sekeliling bg support suh push, so sy push jugaklaa bersungguh2.

Alhamdulillah..Ariana selamat dilahirkan. Penantian kami yang disambut dengan senyuman yg tak dapat digambarkan betapa indahnya waktu tu. Mmg sengaja sy tuliskan dlm entry ni..supaya sy xpenah lupa bagaimana detik Ariana dilahirkan.

Sampai skrg sy xpernah percaya sy dh jd seorang ibu. Seorang yg x pernah ada pengalaman mengurus bayi atau anak kecil, skrg sy sudah mempunyai seorang permata hati sndri untuk diurus. Dalam hati, sy bertekad mahu memberikan yg terbaik utk anak ini. Saya sgt sayangkan Ariana, demi dia sy akan lakukan apa saja. Cheyyah.


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