Saturday, August 9, 2014

35weeks ++ POA

It's already 35wks ++ POA and I'm now preparing myself for delivery. My placenta remains type 3 posterior and I was planned for caesarian section later at term gestation. Ok, next week i'm going to repeat my scan again, looking for my placenta if there any progress (for sure it wont go up till I allowed for SVD but at least type 2 maybe?? hehe). Then, choose a date for CS. I'll be operated by my uncle at Hospital Ampang.Good luck for me huh? So, packing up for new clothes, pampers, wet wipes, toiletries...hmm...what else? Oh, I need to buy some stuff which I may be needed to bring to hospital later.

Other than that, it's raya month. I started my raya in Tanjung Malim this year as the 2 years back we don't really get our chances for raya. 1st year of hari raya after I got married, I can't go anywhere because I was about to deliver during that time. So, I stayed in Putrajaya and my parents came by accompanied me. Second year after got married, raya at Muar but only one day only. Back to Muar malam raya then go back to Putrajaya to get back to work the next day...haih!

So this year a bit proper. Starting raya at Tanjung Malim, get up in the morning, salam-salam, maaf-maafan, makan-makan, then go raya a bit around Tg Malim before we went to Ampang visiting nenek's house. Then continued raya around Ampang a bit more before go back to Muar. My brother and family already there in Muar so we met there. The next day went to Singapore, raya raya some more then the next day back to Rompin. Eh? May be the day after..can't remember. But at least...having fun and packed raya this year. Meeting relatives which I think have not seeing them for about some times.



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