Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's not our fate..

He came with a very good condition. Ok, at least he can communicate with us. By the time he admit to ED, he make his joke, how unlucky he was today, came out early to go to the office, unfortunately involve in the accident, which cause him to broke almost all of his limbs. Pity him. But he was a very fun guy. Even in pain, he's still smiling and saying how interesting to be a doctor is. *if only he knew how we suffered so much*

He got to undergo several operation, to fix his broken limbs, which complicates his condition. Gotta admit him to ICU. And that's worsened his condition, got asystole several times, being intubated. But with the fate he had, he's coming back. Being transferred to the ward, able to talk with people. But, being immobilise for such a long time, made him stressed out. Every night, he will scream. And he was not himself anymore. He's not the fun guy like the first time we knew him before. He lost himself..

Hmm...this is one of my experience with one of my patient. Frankly speaking, we really love this patient. We really want him to get his life back. But now, even though he's fracture matters in a good progress, but then he's not himself. Sadly, we lost him even though we managed to treat him up. =(

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Boleh tak nak culik Dr. Khairul skang?? Miss him laa...

Haha..hari2 kot jumpa? Tapi, sejak tag call EOD nih..even though bpisah like 9 hours je kot? Tapi rasa sedey gak..boleh tak??

To Dr. Khairul Anuar bin Rosly, thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for being my very very important person in my life.

Even though kita cam rahsia2 sket about our relationship skang (tp cam ramai lak leh perasan..pehal tah? huhu).

InsyaAllah..semuanya akan berakhir dengan cepat. Sweet marriage to be very soon. ^.^

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