Monday, November 17, 2008

Antara Balik Dgn Tak Balik~

So, raya hari tu adalah cuti terakhir buat sy. Kononnya lah. Mula2 tu cam okay gak la. Byk masa nak buat itu ini. Nak settlekan kerja thesis (publish n submit), register 4 yudisium n bla bla bla. Walaupun nak dijadikkan cerita, atas kekhilafan diri yang tak dapat dimaafkan, sy terlupa yg daftar yudisium tu adalah minggu depannya. OMG!! Masa tu hari Jumaat, petang lak tuh, br nak teringat. Lepas blk hari tu, satu apa pun kerja tak buat lg. Emm..tu laa..tak peka. Huhu.

Tp, syukur Alhamdulillah..bcos, lecturer2 pembimbing thesis sy tak byk prob. Dyorang tu simple jeks. Sy mtk tandatangan, dorang terus bg. Walaupun time tuh da siap jilid dah. Huhu.

Then, tiba lak satu time yg tah camne, rasa nak blk. Padahal da decide taknak blk. Dah tu..dak2 yg masuk second batch yudisium sume nak blk. Walaupun dorang ada prob ngan visa, dorang nak blk gak. Tak leh pun nk gak ar! Hahah. Jumaat ni balik. Lagi. Heheh. Best2. So..welcome home Amni Farhana! Enjoy ur holiday kay? ^^

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Do everyone in tis world make promises juz to break it down? Urghh~i hate people can't hold on their own promises. The worst part is when they juz go on wit their life as there's nothing had happened before. What a jerk!

Well, it happened to me. Soooo many2 time. Well, i think everybody did. Emm..i want a very simple but nice life. I want things to be very easy everytime i get through it. I dreamt of life wit no obstacles as i cud understand tat it is hardly to happen. What a life without obstacles? What a life without problems? But i hate problems! Sooo much!

Okay2..back to the topic. I think, to be a better person, ones shud be responsible wit wut had he/she done and said. Don't make any promises if you don't rilli sure tat u can do it as wut u had said. So, be more careful on wut are u going to do n wut u are going to say. It might hurt other people when u don't mean it.

Games & Life

To me, game is for fun. I am enjoying games very much when there's nothing to do. Tp, for certain people, game is their life. That's make game's sucks. Why? Becoz i don really like org yg terlalu berlebihan terhadap sesuatu. Yang salu abaikan menda2 lain cuma nak wat menda yang tak berfaedah nih. Org yg terlalu obsessed sampai klo tak dapat lakukan apa yg dia nak tuh, idup dia jadik tak tentu arah n boring. Plus, berubah semata-mata kerana games. What a man!

Sure pelik kenapa tetiba nak cakap pasal games. Sebab i'm bored. Bosan dengan karenah manusia yang sanggup bersengkang mata untuk game tp klo utk benda lain, dia tak pulak sanggup berkorban sangat. My life jadik sangat membosankan sebab games so i wud say, i hate games so much now!

Internet no more, internet moreeeeeeeeeeee...

Whoa! It is almost a week for us not having the internet at home. Wew! So lama la..cannot stand it anymore. You will never imagine life without the internet when u're not a medical student in Indonesia. Hahah. Kidding! But it's rilli2 a very tough boring day.

We kept calling the speedy agent, telling them we had problem in accessing to the internet. But, it took 3 days for them to take action. Their visit on the third-no-internet day was only juz to tell us tat we had to buy the new modem as the old ones cannot function anymore. Huh..

Okay..then the modem-searching moment is beginning. Since I had no idea how much, where n what modem should i buy, so i've surveyed for almost more than 10 stores. And then, i find out tat the price is over than Rp 450.000. What?!? No..i juz don't expect it wud be tat expensive. But i guess..wut else can we do rather than juz buy it n make it as nothing happen.

Actually, we had been given an option to cut down the budget. And that option was to cutting down the recent internet account n reregister it again. Well, it's sound simple but for us, Malaysians in Indonesia, without local identity cards, so it is never been easy way to do anything including this internet things. So, we pass that option.

So, after everyone in this house agree to pay Rp 450.000 for new modem, i went out to find the new modem n guess wut i got it for only Rp 380.000. Heheh. Can la..dpt la saving siket, kan? =P
N tis is our new modem..ProLink ADSL2 Ethernet Modem Router...hee...n then i had a chance to submit a new post for my long-time-no-see blog. =)

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