Sunday, June 3, 2012


Pamper myself..upgrade my very lovely 3gs to this beautiful 4s. Isk2..seriously i love it!


Haha. Br je install apps blogger ni kt phone. Hopefully blh blog slalu after this. I knew it's been a while for me not blogging. It's been a long journey though. Alhamdulillah..i am at my 28weeks of pregnancy. Byk pengalaman baru yg sy bljr sejak pregnant ni. Bkn sng rupanya nk jd ibu nih. Thanx mak for being such a great mum to me!! Ok, ni kiranya warm up utk dpt feel blogging after this. Since dpt blogging thru phone, i think it's much easier kot? Then i can capture and write on any best moment i've been through. *smiles*

Pics ini ms jalan2 kt I-city br2 ni. Ok, ramai gler org mlm tu. Phew. N wrong timing jugak dtg coz bkn dpt wat apa pun, nk msk kt snow walk tu pun x boleh pasal ngah pregnant. Kang lantai licin2 tuh, jatuh kang sape nk mjawab. Huhu..

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