Sunday, May 4, 2014

This is a part of me..

Ok, it's (again) being such a long time for me not blogging. A lot of thing had changed. I left Hospital Putrajaya, now working in Klinik Kesihatan Rompin, which currently entering 5th month of time. Even by 5 months i 'vechanged my place from KK to PKD Rompin, incharghing Unit Kesihatan Sekolah now. I would say, it's different thing from what i've been doing in hospital before, seeing school students, giving them education about health, determining any abnormalities and intervened, immunisation etc. It's a very new environment for me..may be sounds simple but for a newbie like me..lots of things need to be learned. InsyaAllah..will give me a brand new experience and also knowledges. Oh, 5 months in Rompin also meaning i'm now at 5 months of gestation..hehe. Good luck for me huh? ^.^



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